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Recomended crafts :

  • pivo1

    Wheat beer 6 % al

  • pivo2

    Red Hourns beer 6,5 % al.

  • Draft beer light 4,5 % al.

  • Reed beer 12 % al


Today's pub is iconic because of people.People make this place special. One of center of culture of Rock&Roll.Every single geek for amater bands is always for free. There is a lot of who had a geek here in the RED HORNS are on hall of fame. So ,be first to see the geeks ,maybe the band you saw maybe is next ROCK GOD-Where is party the is unlimited booze of every kind.We offer some unique cocktail.Ofcourse, we have small kitchen becouse when you feel like in you HOUSE you want to eat something.We offering some chicken sendwiches,pork sendwich etc. So do you people feel better and most important satisfied